Monday, January 24, 2011

Can't wait for my Blog Makeover!!! :)

Little Update....
I know it has been a little while... Well, a LONG while! But thanks to my friend Amy, I have found the perfect person to do my blog makeover. My goal is to start fresh for 2011 and I know I am already behind for Jan, but I can't wait to get started again. Not sure why but I want to start fresh with the makeover! haha :-)

Stay tuned to see what beautiful work Faith does over at "A Design of Faith"

Now I am left to try and decide how to "CATCH UP" on my blogging. My last post was Sept 09.... Yikes! That is alot of catching up... Maybe start with Jan 2011 and then work back?? Maybe go back and do one month at a time to try to catch up on all the old stuff? It is completely overwhelming because my purpose of the blog was suppose to be a keepsake for my kids and our family scrap book.

Jake was looking at our blog the other day with me and said, "WOW! That was my Batman Birthday Party!" That was 2 years ago too... The excitement alone in his voice is totally worth me catching up! I CAN do it! I CAN do it!