Monday, April 27, 2009

April Family Fun Night

Wow~ I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get this post done. Better late then never.... :) Life just gets so busy and crazy sometimes that it is hard to find time to sit, relax and blog.

We had April family fun night at our house and we had so much fun. We ordered Chiloso and it was DELICIOUS. For those of you that don't live around here, Chiloso is a little Mexican food restaurant here in Rockwall and is extremely addicting. As Jared says..."Mommy eats their chips and hot sauce every night". LOL!!! I have to admit, yes I do. When we go, I always get extra chips and sauce to snack on the rest of the week. YUMMY!!!!

It is always fun to visit with the girls, take pictures and just relax with the kiddos. They were so funny on this family fun night because we found out that they all like to dress up in costumes. :) Me being the pack rat that I am is sometimes good because Jake now has a TON of costumes from Halloween. Some are from Jared and some are from his cousins- Brennan & Dylan. Well, really his sweet Aunt Tricia seems to spoil him with costumes. :) As a matter of fact he got 2 more in the mail from her the other day. She sent him Shrek costume & another Power Ranger costume. When he opened the box and saw the Shrek mask he had had a really strange look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said he didn't like the mask. I told him that wasn't very nice because Aunt Tricia sent him these costumes to play with because she knows how much he likes to dress up. He goes, "Mommy~ Shrek has BIG white teeth and they scare me". I laughed so hard!!! Then later that evening he was wearing the mask. Funny huh!

Ok.... First, before looking at the attached pictures, I have to say this was just intended for FUN. So please don't get the wrong idea. This was ALL in fun!!! :)

Wendy and I went to Canton last month and found these cups and thought they would be funny for our fun night. And yes, it was my idea to add a little flavor to spice up my picture of the cups. :)

Jared was sitting with me as I was picking the pictures for my post and the first thing out of his mouth was "That is not right!!". Then on the next 4 pictures I heard, "That is definitely not right!!!" So enjoy!! :)

Beer + Vodka + Tacky people cups = A TON OF CONFUSION!!!!
(And a fun night)
Derek & Julie
~Tobie's Hubby~
Wendy & Tony
~Stacy's Hubby~
Rick & Stacy
~Wendy's Hubby~
Angie & Jon
~Julie's Hubby~
Tobie & Paul
~Angie's Hubby~
Jared & Julie
Tobie & Kylie
Jon & Julie
Batman & Robin
AKA~ Landen & Jake~
~Sweet Picture of her~
Kade is just "Hanging" out on the swing set :)
Angie, Julie, Tobie, Wendy & Stacy
Derek & Tobie
Tobie & Julie
Angie & Paul
Being Goofy!!!
~The Girls~
Tobie, Wendy, Stacy, Angie & Julie
Wendy & Julie
LOL!!!!!! :)
I am not sure what we were looking at?!?!?
Wendy & Julie
LOL!!! I am sure this was my hubby getting a cute picture for the blog :)

Batman & Wolverine
AKA~ Landen & Keller~
Landen & Jake
A few of the kiddo's having fun...
Kase, Landen, Jared & Jake
WOW!! This boy has no fear!! :)
Keller is about to get on Jared's bike and take off.
Julie & The Boys
~I should have known it would be a wild night by Jake's expression and the way he has his arms in this picture~

Weekend Ball Games

We had a full Saturday with t-ball pictures, then a t-ball game and then later in the evening a baseball game. Our morning started bright and early with Jake's t-ball pictures at 8:30 am and then his game followed. He did really good considering we had to get him up at 7:30 or so on a Saturday morning. We got some cute pictures of him this time. He was "trying" to really get into the game.

Our Family
@ Jake's Game
"The Cardinals"
~they played a good game~
Jake with his coach... in a deep conversation :)
Now run run run!!!
I guess Jake is making the 1st base rules now too... :)
According to him, the other player is SAFE!
The evening ball game was alot of fun.. At this age, they are really starting to get into the games and very involved in what happens. This was a pretty exciting game because we were tied until the very end and then barely lost. But it was a great game!!! Jared even got a home run at this game, so we were real proud of him. GO TEXANS!!!
Mommy & Jared
~This is my new Texans shirt & I LOVE it!!!!~
I am so proud to represent my wonderful little guy!
You can hardly see the back of our shirts but they match :)
Jared was pretty excited when he saw my shirt. He told me I look really pretty in it. AWH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet thing for an 8 yr old boy to say.
Mom & Julie
~my mom~
Julie & Diana (my mother in law)
Jon's Parents
Gary & Diana

Dallas Heritage Village- Jared's Field Trip

The 2nd grade field trip this year was at the Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. We had never been there before and it was a real neat place to visit. They collect, preserve and teach the history of Dallas and North Central Texas representing the time period 1840-1910. With the use of historic buildings and furnishings they made it appear the same way it did back then.

The kids had such a fun time and I have to admit that the adults did as well. There were so many chaperone's that we were in real small groups and got a chance to really relax and enjoy the day. The kids had a picnic lunch as well and just had fun being kids.

Luke & Jared
"Best buds"
"The Saloon"
Like father.... Like son....
It looks like Jared is going to host a poker game. :)

And, let me introduce you to the saloon's "Bouncer"

~In the town square~
Our group posing on the storm cellar that was right behind one of the homes.
One of the houses "The boys"- both groups combined...
We had to combine our groups so that Stacy (Luke's mom), Jenn (Brady's mom) and Jared & I would be able to run around together. :)
Awh... How cute!
~Jared and Mrs. Baldwin~
"his teacher"
YES~ this is an outhouse.... Once we talked about it and explained to the boys what it was then they had to jump in and act like typical 8 yr old boys.

Luke is behind Jared in this one and one of their other little friends is laughing but can't wait until he can jump in next. :)
Neat Picture... out in the fields
The kids enjoyed watching him make the pottery.
It appears by the look on Jared's face he was extremely interested.
"Our Group"
Mommy & Jared