Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Cakes by Angie

Ok- I really should have taken a picture of the delicious cake that we ordered from Angie but it is way to late since it is about half gone. :) This was solely to endulge on with my sister and our families since they are in from Colorado. I had heard how wonderful Angie's cakes are and we wanted to give her a try especially since I have known her for many years. We are very very happy we did. I actually referred my neighbor to her for her little boy's cake for his 1st b-day party last night. It was not only delicious, but it was so darn cute! It matched the invitation just perfectly. So if you are wanting a cake with alot of personal, then Angie is your lady.

So Thank you for the yummy dessert!! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jared's Music Performance @ Grace Hartman- "Rich Man"

Yes- I am back trying to incorporate old stuff with new stuff. This took place on Nov 13. This is Jared and his music teacher on the night of his music performance. They all did so good except for I have to say that Jared did AWESOME!!!! They were chosen for the different part's and Jared was a "Rich Man". So he had to wear a suit coat, nice shirt and a tie. You know he was excited about that. NOT!!! But I do have to admit, once he got ready he said "Mom, I look pretty good." LOL!!! And of course I agreed with him because he does look so handsome.

Jared & Mrs. Boyd (his music teacher)

WOW!! I was impressed!! He is standing so still and just smiling away!
I know it is only because he wanted me to hurry and take it so we could leave. haha

My handsome little man!!!

The family- with Jake's funny face thinking we will not see it. haha :)

Continuation of Thanksgiving- evening at Momo's

I have been meaning to add these few pictures from Thanksgiving evening at momo's. Jake loves the camera and he will try and direct everyone where to sit, how close to sit to each other etc. It is SO funny that a 3 yr old is that into a digital camera. (I wonder what he asked Santa for this year?!?! ) The only 2 I took is the 2 that he is in. He took the rest. I have to say, he is pretty good for a little kid. :)

"Aunt Angela"



"Jake & Uncle Steve"

"Jake & Uncle Rudy"

"Mommy & Puppy"
(this was a must according to Jake- he LOVES his puppy!!!)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving- Grandma & Popo Gary's House

Thanksgiving turned out to be such a wonderful day! We went to Jon's parent's for lunch and the food was so yummy! It is so good to be able to sit and visit and just relax. It seems like we are always so busy that it is hard to just stop and enjoy the moment, however, on Thanksgiving we did just that. We stopped and really enjoyed the day with family. We didn't get to see my family but we will see all of them for Christmas in a couple weeks. So we are really looking forward to that visit.

Jon, Julie, Jared & Jake @ Grandma & Popo Gary's house

I had mentioned to Jon earlier in the morning that I really wanted to take the kids to see Momo (Jon's grandma) during the Cowboy game. He knew Jared would want to stay with him to watch the game, so it was going to be just Jake and myself. During lunch I mentioned my idea to Angela and she had already thought the same thing. I guess great minds think alike!! :) So after lunch we headed out to see Momo. It was Diana, Angela (Jon's mom & sister), Jake and myself . We wanted it to be a surprise and it turned out to be a very nice surprise. Diana's brother's Rudy and Steve were there as well, so we had a real nice visit with everyone. Jake was a little Ham!!! He wouldn't stop talking! He is always full of stories so there is never a dull moment with him. We would just laugh when he would tell us how many girlfriends he has and then he invited Uncle Rudy to come over to our house one day to meet all of his girlfriends. LOL!!!

The cowboy game was on in the background and during one of the commercials they showed some of the Army troops sending holiday greetings to their loved ones. Jake turned around and said something like, "I don't know anyone in the army". And Momo said, "Well Jake, then who is that person in the army uniform in that picture on the wall?" Jake immediately said, "Jon". LOL! Rather then Daddy... Then he said, "but he is not in the army, he is just an army helper." hahaha He was so serious too! He associates the Army with the "camo uniform" rather then the dress uniform. We all started laughing as he was just as serious as he could be. For those of you who didn't know, Jon was in the army right out of school for about 4 yrs or so. So once again, we all got a good laugh out of Jake.

The below couple pic's are at Jon's parent's house. Jake loves to blow out candles especially when he thinks that no one is watching.
I will post more Thanksgiving pic's tomorrow as I am Falling asleep!!!! I need to get to bed.

Jake "Thinking" about blowing this candle out because he doesn't know he is being watched.

And its out!! He didn't realize he was being watched!!

Couple's Shower- Tobie & Derek 11/28/08

Wow!! I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I have updated my blog. And the sad thing is that I was on vacation ALL last week and still had no time. :) Imagine that! We had so much going on last week but in the end it was all worth it.

Stacy and I hosted a couples shower at my house for Tobie and Derek on Friday evening and I had a list a mile long of little projects that I wanted complete before the shower. Most of the projects did get finished, however, I do still have some I would like to complete before our special Christmas visitor's from Colorado arrive in a couple weeks. It was all worth it because we had a wonderful time at the shower and they received some really nice things.

After the shower, Jon and I got a chance to really sit back and visit with Tobie, Derek and his mom for a while. We couldn't be happier for them both!! :)

Below are a couple pic's from the shower.

Tobie & Derek opening gifts
Opening more gifts!

Julie, Tobie, Stacy & Angie