Monday, March 28, 2011

Christmas Parties at School~ 2010-2011

I know I say this all the time but...... I am going to say it again. I feel SO truly blessed to be able to go to all of my kiddo's school functions.
Mrs. Vaughan & Jared

It is so hard to get a 4th grader involved in class games.... But the kids loved all the games that the home room mom came up with. They did such a good job cheering each other on and had a ton of fun.
Another game & Gingerbread houses.... Such a fun activity!

Hmm.... Is this Jared? haha I love him "trying" to hide behind the sack. :)
Jake & Mrs. Simmons
He was so serious while making his craft & so goofy showing it to me. :) Jake and Eli patiently waiting for the book exchange to start. I can't get over how much Jake looks like my sweet little nephew Dylan. They both have the exact same expression!

Fun Days @ School

Class Picture Day~ 3-9-11
I forgot to get a picture of them before school, so we did this one right after they got home. Hence, that is the reason puppy made his debut. Class pictures were taken at school and mom had gotten the boys these cute little shirts, so I took advantage and dressed them alike.
(Mom actually got all the boys these shirts.... So my sweet little nephews have their shirt waiting for their summer arrival.... And I know Tricia will LOVE the maroon! Gig'em!)

Twin Day~ 3-22-11 I used to always dress the boys alike, however, I can't seem to get away with it any longer. Unless of course it is a "designated day" or something special. And then I still have to bargin with them but in the end it is worth it. :) I'm starting to notice a trend with Jared..... He loves to take the opportunity to "hug" his brother. haha Yeah right! He is taking full advantage of Jake still being half asleep and not realizing that he is just trying to get him fired up.

Done with pictures and trying to get away!

Cowboy Day~ 3-11-11

I'm not sure who loves these fun days at school more.... I think I love getting him ready as much as he loves going to school all dressed up. He kept saying, "I have to leave this on my mouth because that is what real cowboys do!" haha So cute!

Jared~ Kinder Western Day~ 2006-2007

I found this picture from when Jared was in Kindergarten on Western Day. I love when we can recycle clothes! And I love to look back at old pictures. As Jared says.... "Mom, you always say the same thing when you look at old pictures of me. I can't believe how little you were.... And you were so cute!" hehe

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grace Hartman~ 2010-2011

Jared~ 4th Grade & Jake~ Kindergarten
Grace Hartman~ 2010-2011
The 1st day of school was finally here yet it was bittersweet... I had been waiting for this day for SO long but it was still hard to leave. I would have to say that I adjusted Real quick though! And so did Jake! He loves school... They both love school but Jared is a pro at this "1st day" thing.

Jake & Mrs. Simmons- 1st day of Kindergarten

Jake was immediately interested in the play-doh that Mrs. Simmons had out for them.

Not sure if this look was because he wanted me to stay or because he was ready for me to leave. :)

Mrs. Vaughan & Jared- 1st day of 4th grade
This is the ONLY picture he would let me take!

Yearbook Picture Day- Say Cheese!

College Day- The boys were excited to wear their Aggie shirts this year! Thank you Aunt Tricia & Uncle Rocky!

Kinder~ 50th & 100th Day of School Celebrations

I love all the little celebrations that Kindergarten has. They had a 50th & 100th day of school celebration and the kids were all so excited. The 50th day was their "Sock Hop" and all the kids came dressed up ready to boogie. They danced, played limbo, hula hoop games and had ice cream floats. What a fun day for the kids!

Jake & Mrs. Simmons~ 50th Day

Jake & Caden

The Kindergarten classes made these cute little hats and had some special snacks and tons of balloons to celebrate the 100th day of school. It seemed like it was never going to happen due to the crazy snow and school being cancelled for a week.
I know... He looks less then thrilled in these pic's! :)
100th Day