Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Days @ School

Class Picture Day~ 3-9-11
I forgot to get a picture of them before school, so we did this one right after they got home. Hence, that is the reason puppy made his debut. Class pictures were taken at school and mom had gotten the boys these cute little shirts, so I took advantage and dressed them alike.
(Mom actually got all the boys these shirts.... So my sweet little nephews have their shirt waiting for their summer arrival.... And I know Tricia will LOVE the maroon! Gig'em!)

Twin Day~ 3-22-11 I used to always dress the boys alike, however, I can't seem to get away with it any longer. Unless of course it is a "designated day" or something special. And then I still have to bargin with them but in the end it is worth it. :) I'm starting to notice a trend with Jared..... He loves to take the opportunity to "hug" his brother. haha Yeah right! He is taking full advantage of Jake still being half asleep and not realizing that he is just trying to get him fired up.

Done with pictures and trying to get away!

Cowboy Day~ 3-11-11

I'm not sure who loves these fun days at school more.... I think I love getting him ready as much as he loves going to school all dressed up. He kept saying, "I have to leave this on my mouth because that is what real cowboys do!" haha So cute!

Jared~ Kinder Western Day~ 2006-2007

I found this picture from when Jared was in Kindergarten on Western Day. I love when we can recycle clothes! And I love to look back at old pictures. As Jared says.... "Mom, you always say the same thing when you look at old pictures of me. I can't believe how little you were.... And you were so cute!" hehe


Lainey-Paney said...


What CUTE boys you have!

Send my love to your sisters & mom too!

tricia sexton said...

LOVE my sweet nephews!! They look so cute in all of the pics!! Can't wait to see you in June :)


what a happy family!,,
it looks great !!! :) said...

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