Sunday, May 31, 2009

Splash Day @ The Ark

Jake's end of year party/splash day was last week and they had so much fun. They had a blast playing in the sprinklers and then went inside for some bounce house fun. They enjoyed a picnic lunch and just had fun being kids. :)

Thank you Stacy for the beach towel. He loves it! He was so excited to finally use his new Buzz towel that he got for his birthday.

This party was bitter-sweet because it is the last school year he will be at The Ark. (Not counting sun and fun) He will be starting Pre-K at the elementary school this fall. As Jake says, he will have a "real principal". LOL! He is very excited about that. The Ark is at the church, so I don't believe they have a need for a principal. :)

Luke & Jake
How interesting bugs are...
Mommy & Jake
Mrs. Susie, Mrs. Carolyn & Jake
~Wonderful teachers~

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angela's Birthday

"Don't you just love tea parties?!?! Especially when it is a Long Island Ice Tea party"

A couple of weeks ago, my sister in law had a wonderful birthday party. It was a Long Island Ice Tea/Hat party. Except that Jon and I either forgot that it was a hat party or we didn't have a big hat. LOL! I am not sure Jon would have worn one anyway. I didn't even think about bringing the kids a hat either. But when their Grandma got there she had brought them the cutest hats to wear. I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of them in their hat's. urgh!! (I'm sorry Diana... That was so sweet of you to think of them)

We all had a great time and the kids really enjoyed Angela's new place. We got to meet her new room mate Carolynn and she is a sweet heart.

The old Merc building was renovated and turned into apartments. These are not normal apartments though... LOL!! At least not anything like what I have ever lived in. It is absolutely beautiful and very hip. Yes, I said Hip!! :) The view is wonderful. It is a little hard to see though since it was dark, however, the picture below of our family is up on the roof top overlooking Dallas. We will definitely need to go back this summer and get some pictures when it is light outside as it is so pretty up there.

My little Angel....Kissing Aunt Angela
Our Family up on the roof of Angela's apartment
Aunt Angela & Jared
Diana & Chris
~Chris and her daughter Missy have been such good friends of Angela & Diana since the girls were little~
Angela & her room mate Carolynn
Jon & Angela
Me & My Wonderful Hubby
Angela and her sweet little nephews
Angela & Julie
The Boys

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day get together at Angie's

We had such a fun time on Saturday evening at Angie and Paul's. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. :) The kids all get along so well and have so much fun together. One of the guy's mentioned there was a poker game going on inside and to my surprise it was Jared, Cole and a couple other of the little boys. LOL! They were so cute! Jared is hooked now. haha As soon as we got home he went and got Jon's poker chips out and wanted to play again. :)
Tobie, Angie & Julie
Being silly :)
Jared...Cool jump!!
They had so much fun together
Sweetness!!! Jake and Chloe
WOW!!! A little early for Texas Hold' Em
Me & Jon

Memorial Day at The Harbor

We had such a fun time today at The Harbor. Tobie and Derek got a new jet ski and invited us to go for a ride. The kids had a blast on the jet ski and just running around playing in the water. Who would have known how much fun the harbor was going to be when they were building it?!?!? Every Thursday evening in the summer they have different bands come and perform, so stay tuned.... I think we now have standing Thursday night plans for the rest of the summer. :)

Julie & Tobie
Kade (Tobie's little boy) & Jake
Jared & Jake
That's my Boy!!!
Just having some fun... :)
Jared & Daddy
"Who has time to pose for a picture when you can be riding around the lake?!?!"
Move over Derek.... It's Jon's turn
Derek & Jake on the jet ski and Kade is patiently waiting :)
Pretty view

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Parties- catching up

More catching up... :) Parties, parties and more parties. Jake went to a birthday party for his little friend Rowdy on the same day as our April family fun night. We didn't think we were going to get to go because he was suppose to have a t-ball game that morning and it ended up pouring the rain. So it worked out great for us and he was able to go to Rowdy's party at Chuck E Cheese. They had so much fun!

Then on Sunday we went to Sydney and Ethan's birthday party. Aunt Laura just combined their birthday's into one big party. They had 2 huge bounce houses and the kids all had a blast. I do have to admit I had a fun time too in the bounce houses. :) But when I woke up on Monday morning I sure did regret the fun I had acting like I was young again. haha My back hurt, my head hurt, my neck hurt and I could go on and on forever. :)

Our Family @ Aunt Laura's
Ethan in his mask
YEP!!! That is me! And I wonder why I hurt all over the next day?!?!
ME AGAIN- ok...maybe this was why!!!!
Jake~ according to him, I was spending ALL day playing with Sydney and not him....SO he was not very happy with me.
Jared & Grandma
Jared & Jake in the back & Ethan & Sydney in the front
Teaching Sydney how to do a back flip flop
Jared & Mommy

Rowdy & Jake
~Chuck E Cheese Party~
~he had So much fun~
I wonder who he is calling?!?!? :)