Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Colorado "Sports Stars"

Watch out Dallas Cowboys because we have an up and coming football star on our hands!!! When he hits it big with the Denver Bronco's it will be all over for the Dallas Cowboys!! :)

Let me introduce you to my nephew & superstar Brennan. He ROCKS on the football field!! His team won every single game except for one game and they won the playoffs and won the championship as well. Oh I miss him so much!! And I wish so bad that I could have been at his games this year. But maybe one day!

Of course Aunt Julie tried to work her magic and tell him that one day he will make it big and play for the Dallas Cowboys (hint hint- DALLAS) but even at 8 yrs old he knew what I was up too. He said, Aunt Julie, "I want to play for the Denver Bronco's." No, that doesn't mean he will stay in Colorado forever, it just means that Aunt Julie will have to keep trying to work her magic on Aunt Tricia & Uncle Rocky. :) It was funny when he told me that because I told him that he would probably need to play for college first and his 1st pick is without a doubt A&M. He is going to follow in his mommy & daddy's footstep's and be an Aggie. So guess what that means.... Yes- back to Texas. I know this seems like it is way off in the future but time goes by so quickly that it seems like just yesterday when they were born. And besides, I have to keep the bug in their ear that they need to be back here with us in Texas. :)

Then there is Dylan, my second sweetest nephew. It's funny because Jared (my son) is sitting here next to me while I am blogging and he said, "Why is Dylan your 2nd sweetest nephew". My response was because Brennan was born 1st. :) Jared started laughing and said "oh- yeah!" Some of the things they say are so cute even at 8 yrs old. Back to my precious little Dylan... He just looks adorable in this picture and I can't wait to see him at Christmas. Aunt Tricia said Dylan is an awesome soccer player. I am hoping he can show me some moves at Christmas so that Jon and I will know what we are doing when we start playing soccer for our church Sunday School class. :) Yes- I know that is going to be a sight to see!

Uncle Rocky & Brennan- what a cute picture!!!

Watch out Brennan's on the loose!!



Dylan making a goal

More Catching Up- from Sept College Week @ Grace Hartman

Angela- this is for you! I have been promising you pic's of Jared in your jersey. I think he looks to cute. He was so excited for college week because they got to wear a different shirt every day and then a jersey one day. They also had bring something representing the college mascot and Aunt Angela gave him a cute little red raider. So he had a shirt to wear each day and the mascot to go along with it.


Jared in our back yard posing in his Aunt Angela's Texas Tech jersey
He was so excited to wear it and I have to admit it fits him quite well. You never know- he could end up a Red Raider!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More October catching up- Pumpkin Patch 10-18-08

The kids had so much fun at the pumpkin patch this year. They always have a really cool little maze made out of hay barrels, so the kids are able to run around and just have fun. Jared was pretty amazed with this odd looking pumpkin he found. And of course we had to get some pic's to remember our fun afternoon.

Our Family

Jared & Mommy

HOLD ON Jared!!!

Jared with his crazy looking pumpkin

Jake & Jared

Catch up from October- Halloween Surprise from Mame & Papa Jim 10-27-08

Ok- so you would think by now I would have gotten the hang of blogging and adding pictures... I need to remember that the last picture I load is really the first one that show's up on the blog. With that in mind, you know that Jake wasn't very cooperative because we finally got him to smile with his Mame on the very last picture before I said "THAT'S IT!! WE ARE DONE- HE WON'T SMILE!!" haha Then he smiled and we were done!

Jared on the other hand has learned that if he will just smile once then we are done. So he got one picture and it was so cute and he was done. Its so funny because he will tell Jake to just smile and we will be done but Jake never seems to listen to him.

The kids were so excited to get the mail this day because they got a special Halloween card from their Mame & Papa Jim. The card's were to cute with little crossword puzzle's and a little maze. They also had an extra surprise when they opened the cards because they had some Halloween cash to spend as well. What a nice little treat!!

Mame & Jake
FINALLY a real smile from him
His hand's crack me up!! He is saying "enough already" and yes he does say that when it comes to not being in a picture mood :)

Jake- NOT interested in sitting & smiling for a picture :)
When we get this look we might as well just wait until another time for a picture

Jared- he is a pro at this smiling thing!!
He's done & now he is off to play

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jared's 8th Birthday Pic's Event Date's: 10/21/08- Kyoto & 10/17/08- Dynomite Zone

We have a little b-day tradition with Jared and once again fulfilled it this year. Each year we go to his favorite restaraunt Kyoto. It is Japenese food that is cooked right in front of you and it is delicious. This year it was our family, Grandma, Aunt Angela & Uncle Anthony. Popo Gary (Jon's dad) was out of town on a business trip. We had a really good time and Jared got to open his present's from them on his actual b-day.
Jared's birthday party this year was at Dynomite Zone. It is fairly new to Rockwall and they played laser tag and a TON of games. The kids played, ate pizza and had some cake and then it was present time. Jared got so many neat toy's from his friends and family. It turned out to be a great night for him.
Jared's B-day Party Pic's
Jake & Trinity

Jake & Trinity- those are the BIG cheeeeese!!

Jared, Luke & Miller

Papa Jim, Jared, Miller, Jack & Jake

Mame, Jared & Luke playing air hockey

Mame & Trinity

Papa Jim & Trinity

Amy, Me & Tobie (a dear friend of mine for over 25 yrs now)

Tobie & her fiance Derek

Amy (my sister) & Carlos (my brother in law)
Jared's real B-day
"Our Family"
Jon, Jared, Jake & Julie

Kyoto- Happy Birthday song

Aunt Angela (Jon's sister) & Jared

Grandma (Jon's Mom) & Jared

Uncle Anthony (Jon's brother) & Jared

Uncle Anthony, Daddy & Jared

Aunt Angela, Jared & Grandma

Jared's B-Day Party Pic's
Daddy & Jared- singing Happy B-day

Jared & his buddies getting ready for some laser tag

Jared's gift from Mommy, Daddy & Jake

Ok- let's get our game face on!!

Jared's b-day cake

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Goodies from Colorado- event date 10/15/08

Ok- so everyone is aware that I have been wanting to do this blog thing for a while now and just never got a chance. Needless to say, I have several events that have gone by and haven't been blogged about as well as several picture's that I have been promising my "long lost sister." :) So I have a ton of catching up to do.

Anyone that read's this will know that I am talking about my older sister Tricia that lives in Colorado with her husband Rocky and my 2 amazing nephew's Brennan- 3rd grade and Dylan- Kindergarten. They broke our hearts a couple years ago and moved to Colorado, but they are doing wonderful and that is what matters. Although, I am sad for selfish reasons, I am happy for them. So these next couple post are for you my dear. :)

Aunt Tricia, Uncle Rocky, Brennan & Dylan always are so kind to send the kiddo's goodie bags for different occasions. They love getting them because they are full of fun!

Jake will not even take the time to look up at the camera because he is to busy looking at his goodies

WOW!! Can you believe all the stuff I got!! And I go to the dentist in a couple days!!!

Let's dig in!!!
Jared just opened his & is really excited!!!

Jared got really lucky this time since his birthday is 10/21 and he got an awesome gift card along with his Halloween goodie bag.

Ok- check out that sneaky look because I told him that he needed to wait to open that card because I knew that part was for his b-day. Did he listen?!?!? NO!!!

So now that it is open his mind is probably going a mile a minute thinking about how to spend it.

Thank you Aunt Tricia, Uncle Rocky, Brennan & Dylan

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Our Halloween day started bright & early at Grace Hartman- Jared's school. We had the 2nd grade Fairy Tale parade followed by a tea party. This was so exciting because each of the 2nd graders dressed up as a fairy tale character and the teachers dressed up as the 7 dwarfs.
Jake had a farm party at his school- The Ark. He dressed up as a cow and looked adorable. They did several little activities including painting a pig picture with chocolate pudding. Nice and messy!!

We ended the day with a family get together. We ate pizza & did some trick or treating. Jared stayed with the Captain Hook costume and Jake decided to be Incredible Hulk. It wasn't until we painted his face green that he changed his mind and wanted to be Batman. So his face had a green tint the entire evening. My sweet little neice was Ariel and she was just precious.
Trinity- my beautiful little neice
Papa Jim & Batman (Jake)

Amy (my sister), Mom & me

Mame & Papa Jim

Jon & his mom

Jake as Batman
Jared as Captain Hook & Alonzo as Batman

Jared, Jake, Aleah, Trinity & Alonzo

Jake as The Hulk- before he changed his mind

Jon & Julie

Jake's Farm Animal Pary @ The Ark

Painting the pig with chocolate pudding

Jared's 2nd grade class

Mommy & Jared

Mrs. Baldwin & Jared