Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue & Gold Boy Scout Banquet

Blue & Gold Banquet
This special night represents all of the hard work and effort that the boys have put in all year. Jared was so excited that we were all going to be there to see him get his badges that he had earned.
Jared, we are all extremely proud of the young man you have become. You bring so much happiness into our lives and we love you so much!

Jeff (Den Leader) presenting Jared with his badges that he has earned.

Pack 833

Jeff~Den Leader

Braden, Michael, Jared, Riley,

Trevor, Brennan, Ethan

Jared & Jeff

Papa Gary & Daddy

Mammy, Papa Jim & Our Family

School Valentine's Parites

I love Valentines Day! It could be because "Love Is In The Air"..... OR because I love red and pink..... OR it could be because it is my sweet little boy's birthday. Not sure which but I love it.

Class parties at school this year have been a little difficult since they are always at the same time and their class rooms are on opposite sides of the school. Oh well, we make it work and I spend a little time in both rooms and the boys love it.
Jake & Mrs. Simmons
Mrs. Vaughan & Jared

And I just love their matching boxes....
Jake was all for it but Jared didn't really want to bring a box. He says he is to old for a Valentines Day box, however, was more then excited to tear into it and read the cards and eat the candy. :)

Sweet Friends....

I can't believe how big Jared is getting! When I look at his pictures I keep telling myself that he needs to stop growing so fast. He always has an opinion too. One of which he reminded me of again on the way to school this day.
Jared's Picture Motto is......
"Make it a good smile and she will just take one picture!" LOVE IT! He is right though.... If it is a good one then there is no need for a second!
He Won this cute little game...
The object of the game was to get the candy hearts into the cup first..... by using chopsticks!

Teddy Bear Sleep Over at Grace Hartman

I love this little tradition that they do in Kindergarten. We went to the school and the kids were dressed in their pj's and brought one of their favorite teddy bears. They had a snack with their bear, wrote a note to their bear with whatever they wanted to ask them, heard a bedtime story from Mrs. Simmons and then placed the bear in their chair. The lights were turned off and Mrs. Simmons turned on some music and we left.

During the night all the teddy bears had a BIG party! The next day when the kids got to school they saw the nice BIG mess that their teddy bears had created during the night. The bears were all over the class room and it was priceless to hear Jake talk about what he "thought" happened. What a neat experience for them.

Cute little teddy bear face cookies!

Bedtime story about bears... of course!

Jake, Luke & Hayden
Jake & Kate
Writing his bear a note..... He wanted to know all about what happened during the night.
I love this! She was so interested in his bear and he loved it too!

Big Brown Bear Rockstar Hank & Jake.... and YES that is really his name! :)

Mrs. Simmons & Jake

Mommy & Jake

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jake's 6th B-Day 2-14-11

My sweet little Valentine is already 6 years old! Where has the past 5 years gone?!?!? Jake told us right before bed that he would love to wake up with balloons on his bed. haha So my sweet husband went to the store and got him 6 balloons.

And we can't forget that there is another special birthday on this day. Sweet little blue Puppy! :) Jared gave Jake this puppy on the day he was born and he has been with Jake ever since. (With the exception of when puppy went to visit his parents....AKA~ when puppy was left at Mami's and no one knew it for a several weeks. This will have to be part of my "catching up" blog post!)

Happy Birthday Jake & Puppy!

The kids always pick to have their birthday dinner at Kyoto. It is a hibachi style restaurant and is delicious. We celebrated with several family members and had a Wonderful evening.
~ Jared was beyond thrilled to become a Big Brother. Aunt Tricia made sure the moment Jared met his baby brother was special. She got Jared little blue puppy to give to his baby brother when he met him. :)

SWEET Birthday Boy

Aunt Amy & Uncle Carlos and cousin Trinity

Papa Jim & Mami
Our Family

Aunt Angela, Jake & soon to be Uncle Ryan

Uncle Anthony & Jake
Daddy & Jake

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 4 of NO School~ "Fun Times"

It's Friday 2-4-11.... and NO school again for the 4th day in a row. Who would have thought we would wake up to a winter wonderland in Texas. We all thought it would be like the rest of the week and be stuck inside the house due to all of the ice. This was a perfect day for sledding... sledding with a 4 wheeler. The kids had a blast and the adults did too! Well, except for me because I am not taking a chance with my recent foot surgery! We are so blessed to have such great neighbors! :-)

LOVE this.... This was very late Thursday night.... More like very early Friday morning!

And this is what we woke up to on Friday morning.... :)

Big bro' & Little bro'

Before.... After!!!

Who wears shorts & short sleeve on a day like today? JON does!!!
And... Who dresses for a day like today? I DO!!! :)

I can tell they are up to no good.....

HMMM... What to do?!?! The start of a GIANT snowman!

Addie & Jeff

Enough pic's MOM!

Jon, Jeff & Jake and Julie & Julie~ love that we are all J's!!!

Greg is ready to go! And it's Jon's turn!

Julie & Macie


Me & Macie~ out of the snow! Macie, Addie & Julie

Mommy & Jared..........Jon & Julie