Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jake's Batman Party 2-13-09

Well... I am a little late in posting my little boys Batman Party.. Better late, then never. He was so excited when I added all these pictures last week and then I didn't complete the post. After 2 kiddo's with the flu and then I ended up with the flu myself, I got so busy and I am just now trying to get this one done. :)

Well that is life... Busy busy busy!!! Especially these days... You never know where life is going to take you, so you should take advantage of every day that you have. This is definitely something I am going to try to start doing and just paying attention to the things that really matter.... Don't sweat the small stuff!!! ***Another post in itself***

Back to the Batman party. We had such an amazing time!! Speaking of, I need to call and give a super compliment to our Batman. He did a Wonderful job! He kept the kids attention the entire time and that was a blessing in itself. This was just an awesome party and one to remember for a long time!! Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends for making this day so special for my little angel. :)

This is the front of Jake's invitation from his party. I made these on Shutter Fly and I thought they turned out so cute.
Batman is teaching some of his cool moves and all the kids seem to be learning quickly. :)
More cool Moves from Batman...
How cool- here come the bubbles!!!
Batman and his buddy Jake
What special friends I have.... I have been friends with them FOREVER!!! I am not sure where Tobie was when we took this but I think I have been friends with Stacy the longest which goes back to Kindergarten. Wow!!!
I am just very blessed to have such wonderful friends!!!

L to R
Stephanie, Julie, Wendy, Stacy & Erin

Our Family
Jared was already tired of an evening of pictures, so this is the best smile we got from him...Still cute!
How cute!!!
Cool Sword!!! I love that Batman made you that....:)
Hold on tight Jake.... You are spinning!!!
Having a blast!!!
I guess this is part of a magic show???
Bubbles ALL over the Place!!!!
Another Magic Show...

Valentine's Parties

We had such a busy day on Friday, Feb 13... It was a whirlwind! But a very fun day... I took a day of vacation and we started the day bright and early. I still had several last minute things to do for Jake's birthday party that was later in the evening. Below are a couple pictures of our day prior to his party. Of course that will have to be a post in itself. :)
Jake & Landry
Landry is one of Jake's 7 girlfriends... But this number changes ALL the time!! I had to snap this picture before I took them to school because they just looked so cute in their coordinating Valentine's outfits. She is a sweetheart!!
Mommy & Jake
The 1st party of the day was at The Ark where Jake goes to school. They had such a fun time!You can tell by the smile on his face that he was already in need of a nap and this was only the end of Party 1.
Mommy & the boys
Party 2- Jared's Valentine's Party at his school
I guess I didn't realize how badly he needed a nap until this... Jake & I went ahead and left to get him home and in bed.
Jared & Daddy @ the Valentine's party
I guess that brownie sundae was delicious!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jake's Valentine Music Program at The Ark

The 3 yr old classes put on a real cute Valentine music program this year. They all did such a good job. But you know how it is when the program is in the morning, right after school starts. They get upset if they can't leave with you to go home. I could tell Jake was starting the "I want to go home with you mommy". So my mom and I had to hurry and leave right when it was over. She had to be at the hospital shorty after for her gallbladder surgery.

We were able to run down to his class and get a couple pictures.
Mommy & Jake
Music Performance- Jake
Jake's class... Mrs. Susie & Mrs. Caroline
Jake & Mommy

Weekend family fun in Feb...

My kiddo's love to wrestle and this time it was my turn to pin them down. Well pin down Jared. Then my sweet little Jake decided to take up for his big brother and jump in to get mommy... These are such fun times!!! :)

Mommy & Jared
Jake jumped on top of me to protect Jared

The next couple pictures are really fun ones for the kids. They received their Valentine's surprise from Aunt Tricia, Uncle Rocky, Brennan and Dylan. They were both so excited to tear into the packages and see what they got. How neat!! Thank you to The Sexton's for making their Valentine's Day special.

Jake & Jared with all their loot
Chandler was spending the night and wanted in on the action... hahaha
How cute!

Jared's MVP week at Grace Hartman

Each week at Grace Hartman the 2nd grade classes have an MVP. When it is your special week, you get to make a poster that tells all about you. Then you get to have a special visitor come and eat lunch with you and they can come back to the class and do a special activity with the class.

Jon and I went to eat lunch with Jared and he was so excited. I am not sure if it was because we were eating with him or because we brought him McDonalds. :)

Jared's special guest was his Grandma and Popo Gary and their bird Early. The kids were real happy to see the bird and hear all about him. What a fun afternoon for Mrs. Baldwin's class.

Grandma, Popo Gary & Early

Jared, Early & his class

Jared's current picture for his all about me poster

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dallas Children's Museum- Aug 08

We took the kids to the Dallas Children's Museum in Aug of last year and we had a blast. There was so many neat things to see and do. We will definitely have to make another trip back to the museum soon.. Enjoy :)